Pierre Guerin Images

Pierre Guerin Images

I live in Winnipeg.

I studied photography back in the days of film and darkroom processing and fell in love with the magic, the alchemy of the whole process.

I almost turned professional but was presented with an opportunity to become a professional musician instead and the rest as they say is history. So was photography, for a number of years.

I only got back into it seriously about five years ago with some serious reservations about digital technology, only to realize that the magic was still there even though parts of the process had changed.

I'm not a professional. I guess you could call me an enthusiast although for me it has more to do with passion than enthusiasm.

I am mostly interested in landscapes, whether they're very large or very intimate.

I use Canon gear (80d, 70d, and a 20d converted to infrared; lenses are Canon and Sigma)

In a world where millions of pictures are shot, uploaded and downloaded every single day and where cameras have become as sophisticated as supercomputers, I still believe that in order to have some kind of impact, photography much like music, has to be a very personal blend of technical skills and emotion.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my work.

I welcome your comments.